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Form 1040 U.S. Individual Tax Return
Form 1040-EZ U. S. Individual Tax Return Easy form
Schedule A Itemized Deductions
Schedule B Interest & Dividend Income
Schedule C Profit or Loss from Business
Schedule D Capital Gains & Losses
Schedule E Rental Supplemental Income and Loss
Schedule F Profit or Loss from Farming
Schedule K-1 Partnership, S Corporations, or Estates/Trusts worksheets
Form 2106 Unreimbursed employee expenses,-Employee-Business-Expenses-1
Form 2441 Child & Dependent Care Expenses
Form 2555 Foreign Income,-Foreign-Earned-Income
Form 2848 Power of Attorney,-Power-of-Attorney-and-Declaration-of-Representative-1
Form 3903 Moving Expenses
Form 6251 Alternative Minimum Tax
Form 8283 Non Cash Charitable Contributions
Form 8829 Expense for Business Use of Home
Publication 17 Your Federal Income Tax Guide